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Charme&Cheveux by Luciano Conti was created by merging two well-established ventures in the hairdressing sector.

Luciano Conti’s experience and his continuous research, go with the Charme&Cheveux artistic innovation. They’re continually generating suitable products for every kind of hair. 

Luciano Conti has been working for 50 years in the hairdressing sector. After the opening of his first hair salon, he developed a sensibility for female beauty in all its nuances. In the 80’s his experience and his desire for innovation led him to create and market his own line of hair products in Italy and abroad. His most popular product being Gommina Simmon’s. Today his hair salons resemble workshops for hair. They are characterized by the creation of products that are perfect for every kind of hair.

Charme&Cheveux was started in 2005 from an idea of Paolo Corasaniti, Gianni Bellotta and Davide Costanzo. Their special attention and study of contemporary marketing led them to undertake innovative entrepreneurial business practices that turned out to be successful. In 2006 they won the award for L’Oréal Professionnel and Kerastase “Best Marketing Strategy of the year”. The combination of the pursuit of beauty and art in their salons, which were conceived as atelier, is a place where artists exhibit their work.  The craft of the hairstylist becomes pure artistic expression where they engage in ongoing research and create new trends for each type of hair.  From here, each year new collections of cuts, styles and colors are highlighted for “autumn-winter and spring-summer”. Their passion for research in the technical field is elegant and refined, which has lead to the invention of their patented glove “Charme Effect”. Using “Charme Effect” the hairstylist is able to enhance the sensitivity of their hands to create natural color effects that are adaptable to any length of hair.



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